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How long you think you Glitzy Goldcoasters with more manners than morals have when my part of town shows up in yours ?

Do you know what happens in your body under extreme duress?

Not the mudrunner or some triathlons where you dictate the strain as opposed to being prey.

You are gonna be shaking so hard with exalted levels of terror and adrenaline you have never learned to cope with that you won’t be able to articulate a coherent sentence and you will possibly freeze like a deer in headlight incapable to lift a leg to save your life.

Worse if you have been running or already clashed and defied physical assault.

A aluminum baseball bat will kill you with a single blow to the back of your head and break everything in it’s path.

These occassions boils down to mere seconds.

Unless you are a crime victim you have no inkling what it means to be in a elevated state of abject primal survival for a extended period of time when another human beings sole intent and focus is to harm or kill you and what it does to the body on a metaphysical level. This scenario is particulary terrifying for a woman with the implied additional violence to endure.

You’ll drain instantaneously with the first adrenaline surge and as your body is jacking from the fatigue, the additional muscle movement caused by adrenaline on full throttle drains yet more of the energy you already spent.

The heart is maxing out and you’ll be heaving for air thus giving the panic carte blanche, won’t hear properly let alone maintain a clear line of vision from all the sweat / blood stinging. You won’t be able to hold on to things because you are trembling to your core, stick keys in locks or use the phone. Time slows down at the same time it speeds up and your body parts won’t respond, the Gforce elevates exponentially pounding you in the ground and your synapses are misfiring clouding your ability to reason. All this while the seconds slip by.

When death by violence is snapping at your heels you don’t have time to think about your next move, you just have to move.

The stress your body is going trough is telling you are about to die and your system is betraying you.

You never been hit in the face ?

It can be a stunning experience depending on how well the blow lands and who’s administrating it. With a skilled assailant and / or weapon, you’ll likely vacate your bladder as your nervous system was just short circuited.

The killer is the drop if you go out and bounce your head.

A bat to the jaw will take it off, have your teeth crumble like wet sugar cubes and a broken nose means you’re choking as you rely on mouth breathing between the gulps of blood.

Did I say the side splitting pain that comes with your body responding to trauma?

If you know how to deflect the energy hurled at you trough aerodynamics you might stand a chance to remain conscious as your body is ragdolled but I doubt it as fear , pain and adrenaline stole what is left of your strenght.

And I tell straight up, no woman will survive taking a full grown man raining fists in her face without brain damage. Stop listening to posers wasting away in front the PlayStation.

Your head is fragile as a raw egg. Protect it accordingly.

How long can you hold your arms up above your shoulders to block the punches?

Me at my very best peak performance can do 45 mins of blocking intense jabs ( male ) without breaks and then I’d have to be dragged off the floor by the legs of my gi , not unlikely in a trail of vomit.

Go ahead, try it, how long can you hold your arms above your shoulders just having someone pull on them?

Where you at?

Add murderous rage, bats, possible drugs and a couple of more fists depending on the size of the posse.

A few strategic swings to disable your hamstring, take out a kneecap or shatter a shin bone, and you are broken, on your knees, wide open for the killshot.

Shock slows you down. The shaking that comes from depleted energy preserves and pain will literally, as in actually, paralyze you.

I’m not even going to bother go in on extreme dehydration and the fearing for your life aspect of it but once you been there, your brain chemistry rewrites itself and it’ll be a part of your remaining surviving life. This obviously applies to accidents but for the sake of the argument, let’s remain on the topic of violence and your survival despite someone’s contrary intent.

I know you are hurt, I understand & provide support for reform but it ends were the violence escalates. I already paid a too high price and I don’t give a flying frogleg.

These are politically instigated riots and attempted coups intended to wreck November elections , not protest, no grass roots movement, just filth.

As we draw closer events will begin to escalate like synchronized detonations.

I predict even more variety of extremes as attempts are made to herd you to the tentacles of social democracy.

My kantor once told me, quoting a passage I long since forgot, demons are the most dangerous when they stand to loose their grip.

As their powers over you diminish, the flailing becomes more vicious and desperate.

Don’t be daft, and isn’t it time you stop flaunting your privilege in the abscence of critical thinking?

And Komrade Lori, I had it with your grinchy Socialist mishandling of our safety.

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