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This is a public service announcement, primarily aimed at the female demographic although blokes stand to gain knowledge as well.  Ya ready?  –> Unless there are actual bugs crawling around on the seat, you don’t catch STDs from a toilet.
Sit your ass down and tinkle like a proper lady Sucia.

Having dinner at a moderately high falutin restaurant this weekend the bathroom looked and smelled like a CTA elevator on a day of frigid freeze,
I had to go back to my companion and excuse myself as I dashed over to a nearby hotel begging them to let me use their powder room.

Guys may not know this, the ladies bathroom are some of the grossest around with a lot of women standing over the loo like a bitch in heat trying to aim with something that has nothing to aim with.

Spraying everywhere, splattering the entire area, outside of the bowl, the floor and even the surrounding walls. Don’t get me started on the thighs and cheeks of the perp.

There is NO nozzle.

These gals leave with micro drops of urine all over their derriere, thighs, hosiery/pants thinking merely washing their hands cleans them up.
The toilet was designed to dispose the offal away from the body, lurching spread eagle like Quasimodo with one hand against the door eliminates this benefit. Duh.

Standing up while peeing not only pegs you as ignorant but also as a part of the problem.

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