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All quiet on the western front

Stealth mode but announcing, I appreciate that. Gave all of us regular folks time to get to safety in a calm and civilized manner.

The car horn going off as they roll up on next block is a warning call for someone hiding in the area. The squad cars went up to the end turned one block over combing trough the entire area. Kinda like smoking out boars.

Suitable euphemism for out of town thugs boarding for the weekend me thinks.

So far so good , Happy safe weekend to you all, I had a clip but somehow ended up jamming it when referring to Kyle the young arms man as Kyle Dunningan, the comedian, it won’t do, until I redo it , I wish you all a safe happy weekend. Please consider keeping your phone in pocket while in public and exercise awareness of your immediate surroundings and people milling around your person.

Be very , very safe and if you haven’t applied for conceal carry, do it now.

I know , I stand corrected, I mentioned it in the clip alas..


Quick tip for people with limited experience with firearms, the bigger the caliber the less need for practice on the range.

Just aim somewhere in the middle and brace yourself for the recoil. You may need a nose job if you don’t.

oh , just buy a .45 already.

I am joking btw.

And as always, support our Law enforcement.

Yea that’s me
This is also me

This is all you good people of Chicago.