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I’m trying for the life of me to think of something positive to share but the current ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ in effect has me feeling anxious, I just can’t shake it.

I know more senior members of the community than I do people my own age.

Well, one thing, I ran in to my couple today, sitting in their usual spot against the wall while casually panhandling.

They are both deeply tanned already but the mum looked content and comfortable and I’m finding solace in the fact they are together.

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Iraqi Minister of Defense

Mr. Najah al-Shammari, his wife and presumably 3 more family members obtained Swedish citizenship under assumed identity and collect welfare as well as attempting to be approved for lifetime disability.

Mmmmr. Shammari is acting as expected when caught with the hand in the proverbial cookiejar, straight up disciple of Joseph Goebbels rhetoric.

I been sitting on this but since it’s now all over Swedish news, you get to read it here.

This is the Iraqi Minister of Defense, the very same who defended shooting directly at civillians, ya know, the Iraqi protest against the regime and sharia law currently ongoing which has killed over 300 people in 2019.