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Chancellor Merkel

I am not condoning this behavior but I’m also having a good laugh at the fact the worst damage to the car is a busted light and that the perp was taken from the car in a wheel chair, meaning the EMT’s found absolutely nothing wrong but shaky legs.

I feel inspired to write about this obviously mild mannered person but I don’t have the time.

Despite denting the fence I feel love and compassion for this attempt at taking notes from the terror textbook.

I willing to wager the white paint hose off.

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Today brings the Japanse hand made goat bristle brushes well over a year in the making, the mother and son is situated for the winter and I’m off for a Polish Thanksgiving where the vodka will flow free and plentiful and herring unapologetically accompanies every plate.

The weather is splendid and a visit to the Basilica lies ahead.

Have a wonderful day, week and Thanksgiving!