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Kanyes Sunday Service

Last month brought Kanyes Sunday Service to town.
It was one of the more significant events in the city’s churning cultural repertoire meshing cultural pop phenomena with a overt religious theme.

Kanye, lauded as a musical genius walking in his own grief is transitioning to the role of a shepherd guiding the faltering and the faithless back on to the path of Christ.
In a time where Illuminati serves as a fashion accessory to a tier of celebrities glamourizing Satanism as a tentacled sidekick to the globalist agenda and feeding it to a fanbase largely ignorant of the greater implications, Kanye provides the counterpunch when many reject Christian faith for Vodun & Oshun Santeria in the search of identity and relevance.
┬áCase in point, Gaga’s and “artist” Marina Abramovic’s spiritcooking, Beyonces demon posessed Sasha Fierce and thinly veiled Lemonade.