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Anders Ygeman, Swedish Minister of Interior.

On Thursday 3/16, Adam Marttinen (SD) questioned  Anders Ygeman, Swedish Interior minister (S) during a Q&A why the Swedish citizenships of terrorists aren’t revoked when it provides a life long meal ticket on the wellfare machine that is Sweden.  That in fact, our wellfare system is funding terrorism.

Ygeman insists the measure would have little effect and wants war criminals,  murderers from Iraq and Syria, to be brought to trial in Sweden and sentenced in Sweden.


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Ylva Johansson, Swedish Minister of Employment Fake News

Ylva  Johansson the current Swedish minister of employment recently appeared on BBC spouting lies in attempt to conceal the sitting governments criminal mismanagement by claiming  “the number of women who are victims of sex crimes continues to drop “.

This is a blatant lie.

Below is a brief summarization where the Swedish national council for crimerprevention, ( Brottforebyggande Forening, “BRA’ ) report  a increase in rapes by 13 % between 2015-2016,  reaching a total of 6560 rapes.

Sexual Harrassment increased by 20% to 10500 and harassment of women increased 2% to 1870 crimes for the same time period.

Another  recent BRA study shows a history record breaking increase of women claiming to have been victims of sex crimes.

Same study shows women have never felt more unsafe since the council began conducting the recurring studies. 

The minister of Employment further claimed a growing tendency to report sexcrimes when there is no support for such claim,.

What is clearly indicated however, is a sharp decrease in reporting sexcrimes.

After facing massive public criticism for the statement Ylva Johansson, Minister of Employment, was forced to admit to lying and issued a public apology.

Why is she still in office ???


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Beatrice Ask, Swedish Minister of Justice

Beatrice Ask and her Somali outreach group, the convicted rapists.

The Swedish minister of Justice  Beatrice Ask is commending an outreach group founded in a effort to quell the violence in the deeply culturally divided residential area Rinkeby.

Shortly thereafter the founder of said group, the spokes person and two more members linked to the group is arrested on suspicion of group rape, the victim, a girl who was held captive by six men taking turns on her while she was held at gunpoint.
They then use the barrel of the gun to violate her again, this time causing internal lasting damage.
After the initial assault they take her to a basement in Rinkeby and holds her captive for yet more abuse.

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Swedish Child Marriages, Islamic Childbrides

The influx of ” asylum seekers ” arriving at our borders, also brings their child brides, girls impregnated and claimed well below the age of legal consent ( 15 in Sweden ) not only in clear violation of Swedish law but reviewed, sanctioned and approved by the Socialist government for religious and cultural justification.
The couple in mind happens to be cousins as well but that has less significance for another 15 years or so, until the inbred is unleashed on yet more innocent Swedes expected to pay the price.

He, same couple, happens to be sought for a rape conviction in Syria before “gracing”  Svea with his demands to be taken in. He is granted asylum. The government foots the bills for this couple thus sanctioning the crime and literally slapping a blessing on its progression.


Since I was myself a young teenager in Sweden, fed off the socialist tit like we all are, the phenomena around this predatory custom was always diminished as ‘not really a marriage but a means for family members, men, to provide protection and ‘guidance’ to the girls.


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Swedish Jews Socialist Government PLO Palestine


Sweden’s Socialist government is a long standing supporter of Palestine and everything PLO.
As the bravery of the newly arrived criminal minds grows, so does the hostility towards our Jewish population. Synagogues are vandalized and hate speech , often referencing the holocaust, is looked at with benign tolerance and ‘simply not knowing any better’

They DO KNOW better, they are emboldened by the liberal stance they erroneously perceive as weakness.

Again, crimes committed on Swedish land, ONE LAW.

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Swedish Feminist Government

Swedish Feminist Government,

So while elevated western women like Michelle Obama, HRH Queen of Denmark and France’s Marie Le pen is leading the charge on taking a stand by refusing to wear a headscarf in support of women oppressed by religion. The elected women of the Swedish socialist and first feminist government chose to arrive for negotiations with Iran in hijabs.

This not only offends the moderate Swede, it offends Hillel Neuer, the executive director of U.N Watch, a human rights group and a staunch critic of Iran and the regime imposed on its people and even more so their women.

It gets worse, the ladies decide to jump the collective high horse and mock Trump without a shred of self awareness in a picture that backfires in epic proportions and because of it, Sweden is derided by the international community.

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Swedish Wheel chair rape victim

One of victims of the upsurge of sex crimes in Sweden last year was a paraplegic woman in Visby, Gotland  ( October 2, 2016 ), who was assaulted after using the bathroom at a refugee center and held captive by 6 immigrants living at the location.
Her wheelchair was taken away from her and she was held as a sex slave.
Swedish prosecution chose not to pursue the case at it was deemed not robust enough to hold up in court.
The rationale being she, the paraplegic did not defend  herself against the six, 6 assailants with enough vigor.