Henrik Schyffert, Socialist Swedish Bobblehead and Tax evader.

Rikshoran  Schyffert

Henrik Syffert was reared in the Socialist elite and a Swedish mediafixture who rose to fame by ditching highshool to work as a presenter at MTV in the mid 80’s, he is a founding member of the band Whale and has a established career as a stand up comedian where he relies heavily on scathilogical allegories and appears to be especially fond of prank calls involving him screaming about masturbating and shitting in the ‘prank’ victims mothers mouth.

Another especially not worthy segment from YouTube reveals a portulent aging man in the carefully curated albeit dated uniform of alternative cool from yesteryear, carefully cuffs rolled up dark denim, engineering boots and the oh so tired wallet chain, a skater shirt and skateboarder sneaks…desperately living off old glory with a feeble skit involving him using Darth Vader voice talking in to a plastic beer pitcher.

I can not explain his popularity since he’s  been redundant since the early 90s but he somehow  is just as slick as the Swedish governement in bullying the Swedish people to buy in to his long con.

Schyffert is a pillar in the Socialist elite, he is born in to the lap of luxury and grew up in one of the most exclusive and private suburbs of Sweden,

The only exposure he has to the immigrant crime wave is what he see out the window during his commute in to the nightclubs.

Yet, Schyffert built his whole current tour around mocking the Swedish peoples fears of the ongoing violence and is making a ton of money while doing it.

Schyffert is a court jester but in the least flattering sense imaginable.

Pandering traitor rich at the expense of the rest of us, willing participant in feeding the nation yet MORE PROPAGANDA.