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Cuties, CardiB

I just had a closer look see on Cardi B’s Wap.
I’m not a rap fan and I find her rather despicable bragging about drugging and raping men disgusting.
I don’t care either way about the song, it doesn’t affect me.

My concern is the trickle down effect of these so called pop culture expressions which are really thinly concealed tools for grooming.

Netflix sinking like Titanic on the iceberg that is ‘Cuties’ provides a perfect example of normalizing sexually predatory behavior against minors.

A new ‘movement’ is slipped in under our very eyes on the sly, innocently abbreviated to Maps it unfolds to a much more sinister Minor Attracted Person and these days we have to be weary of Willy Wonka wobbly rectangle and butterflies implies slavery.

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