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I come across more displaced politicals than I ever have before, what was once striding against the tide is now ga

aaaand I’m stuck

nothing worse than a concept refusing to cooperate, I dont hate on anything and nothing affects my sleep but having a kernel with no ability to elaborate on it is driving me up the wall. Now I’m hungry too since I decided to forego dinner to benefit utterly junk worthy draft no. 18 .

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The teleprompter made that transition smooth as all out I have to say. Striped black and white tie, three points on the pocket square almost slipped me by but not quite.

45 being straight up gangster hijacking the moderator.

The grit !

Chris Wallace seemed ill equipped for the task and although I appreciate 45s gung ho, I also want a modicum of respect, half the country cheered him on trashing addicts in recovery and the other half got yet another reason to solidify their dislike.

Being of the blunt persuasion myself I find him more relatable than smooth operator 47 years in the system Biden .

All in all I’m surprised Joe held it down as well as he did and 45 looked bothered in a few spots.