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I can’t make it work unfortunately, my equipment won’t allow for it and I apologize.

I’m uncertain of the expectations but given my current circumstances and inability to discern the terrain, I’m not able to commit.

I leave links to the contacts I have and hopefully it will help spread their information.

I am thankful for the encounter and I have faith more will wake up to the truth with all the good work done, I will keep up with the podcasts.

Thank you !

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National Geographic

I used to rummage trough junk shops as a kid for old issues I bought for ören.

Winters are so long and reading was a reliable mainstay to get trough.

I spent hours reading and I still remember where I was when I came across the special on

New England fall season and the Maple trees serenading the fading summer.

I remember opening the fold and as my eyes saturated with the explosion of colors and I was instantly transported.

My region, all hail it’s bronze age glory, is all pine forest

ancient and rife with mythology but pine all the same.

I held on to that issue, brought it to class and years later ended up buying another copy.

Thanks to the magazine I know there is a massive eagle habitat somewhere along the Colorado River and another issue introduced me to the Redwood trees that are simply mind blowing and yet another had me traveling along the trains over the Rocky Mountains with the glass roof.