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Kim K & the Armenian Genocide

Today US House finally passed a resolution to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

At the onset of WW1 the Ottomans made moves to eradicate the predominantly Christian Armenians, Greeks and Syrians off the Empires land.

Out of a original population of 2 million ethnic Armenians 1,5 million were exterminated between 1915 – 1923 in a attempt to Turkify the Empire, along with 4000,000 Greeks and roughly 350,000 Syrians, slaughtered by the emerging political movement named the Young Turks.

– if Cenk Uygur ever gave you the impression of being somewhat demented in that special way you now have it confirmed. His show is named after a supremacist killing machine.

Kim’s open letter adressing the denial of factual events received little acknowledgement from 44.

Speed up to 2019 when we have the controversial Mr. 45 but all the same man of action holding his hand over the nation and the House votes overwhelmingly in favor to pass the resolution to recognize the slaughtering by the Ottoman death squads.

I’m yet to hear Kanyes music. I’m not a fan but I’m not not a fan either.

It just hasn’t entered my orbit as my musical inclination lies elsewhere.

Neither do I watch her show.

But I sure am aware of the power grab the Kimyes are building up to.

Congratulations to Kim for a job well done spreading awareness.

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