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I am aware dating in America is a full contact blood sport but dragnetting should not be a socially approved method

Chivalry, honor, integrity outweighs looks and vocabulary every time.
Accepting dinner invitations for the mere purpose of a free meal and / or drinks is taking advantage unless explicitly stated it’s a date between friends.

Don’t string anyone along while you hope for something else and drop the idea that you are such a treasure to have around that a subpar attitude don’t matter.

The principle of many are inclined but few are capable applies to sarcasm  and most people priding themselves as devotees no matter what the intercranial subwoofer echoes,
sound like whiny lackluster hamsters to the rest of us. It is best kept between close friends.

The concept of friendzone is evidence of reverse evolution in progress.

Ugly is a social construct.

Accept how you look like because what defines your beauty is your soul not your physical features.
Glow up is real, speak enough love and experience transformation.
Similarly, digs even in jest will eventually imprint.
Mind the internal message on loop and don’t underestimate your ability to reprogram yourself with the right determination.
Don’t dwell on the past.

Do something every day that makes you feel pampered but don’t involve shopping.

Eat your green vegetables. 
No, really.