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When we unleash the dogs of war we must go where they lead us.


WTTW – 11 is running a final Downton Abbey before the series leave the channel, If you haven’t seen Dowton Abbey yet, lucky you!

The series is worth watching for Maggie Smiths Dowager Countess of Grantham aka aunt Violet’s truisms alone but you got a stellar ensemble pulling you in both downstairs as well as the drawing room.

Hurry, its six seasons, they’re running the entire series 3 more times before it goes off the air for good and they just started at the top this morning.

No worries, you can hop in anywhere but know, when you’re hooked, you’ll gonna watch it at least one more time.

Simply sublime ! 

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Always wish your detractors the best, someone else’s success has nothing to do with your success, everything someone else have,  you too can achieve.

lol, considering my current circumstances, you know I believe it.

I daresay, a good 40 -80% of your discontent comes from comparing yourself unfavorably to someone else and seriously, you need to stop it.

With social media dictating most of our moods you must be vigilant, very little has any bearing in real life and you already know this so why are you not actively making effort to disengage?

This is not a advice blog for a preteen so I’m not going to talk to you like you are a young adult because you are a grown adult.

Make a list and begin the sleuthing, you should be able to have a honest conversation with yourself about the emotions you are having and you should be able to say, why am I feeling like this? 

You ought to be able to articulate and when I use ‘honest’ I mean the conversation that is not necessarily flattering or aspirational, own it, wiggle out every little inane and petty reason. Then when you have that mapped out you ask yourself, ‘ Is this who I want to be? ‘

Like this-> you know that girl you think is such a epic B?
Why do you think so ?
Disclaimer: hating someone for how they look, dress or talk ,  is really you projecting your own unresolved issues on to someone else.

 It is 100 % unacceptable and you need to work on that bit post haste because you are abusive in your sentiments, towards that person and more significantly, to yourself.

So you hate her

…….. because she makes you feel bad about yourself?

Naw girl doggie, go to the gym and get your own body to be proud of.

Shift focus from ‘lack’ – what you don’t have to abundance – what you do have, what you can achieve.

You do have a body and its just as good as mine, probably better.

Let go of everyone but yourself,
No one should be weighted with the burden of your happiness.
You alone are to carry that responsibility and ideally joyfully so.

Similarly, nothing anyone does should have the power to derail your happiness and the only one you are competing with is yourself.

You obviously can’t get along with everybody but you are expected to be able to be civil and cooperative even with people you dont like.
Neither is a second code of conduct for people you disagree with acceptable.

Being a adult is hard work, it doesn’t slow down either. We all make mistakes, what matters is what you learn from it.

Life is precious. Be good to yourself.

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Remembering Romina Ashrafi

The Iranian teenager who was beheaded in her sleep by her father for the audacity of choosing her own boyfriend .

30 % of all murders in Iran are honor killings.

When a legal guardian, a man, the father or grandfather kills their “protege” or cattle depending on how you view women, he is never charged with capital punishment as its not considered murder.

Let that sink in for a moment.

RIP child.