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Iraqi Minister of Defense

Mr. Najah al-Shammari, his wife and presumably 3 more family members obtained Swedish citizenship under assumed identity and collect welfare as well as attempting to be approved for lifetime disability.

Mmmmr. Shammari is acting as expected when caught with the hand in the proverbial cookiejar, straight up disciple of Joseph Goebbels rhetoric.

I been sitting on this but since it’s now all over Swedish news, you get to read it here.

This is the Iraqi Minister of Defense, the very same who defended shooting directly at civillians, ya know, the Iraqi protest against the regime and sharia law currently ongoing which has killed over 300 people in 2019.

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Long overdue

On the skids became a response to the chaos in Sweden and me situated for a few weeks on the East coast with a broken keyboard and later the ipad, (dog stepped on it and wrecked it completely).

Then, when I thought it couldn’t get worse, it did

Now, a few years down the line, events in Sweden continues to escalate, the latest reports showing the calamity homemade grenades bring.
The bomb attacks are at unprecedented levels in a country where there never used to be any.

” I am not white, I’m Swedish “ demonstrates the Scandinavian national identity, people from every country on earth lives in Sweden. We embraced everyone who wanted to join us.

I am very much part of the product and I still believe in certain humanitarian core values imprinted in my youth. 

I move in deeply multicultural communities with African American, Asian, Jewish and Arabic representation where everyone categorically express concern over events unfolding and every single one know the answer as to why they want to live in the West.

The demagoguery is from a overwhelmingly white privilege leftie perspective, the Comrades adhering to the ideology I was born in to.

Armchair Socialists deaf to the testimonials given by the people who actually lived and endured the doctrine.

I’m a work in progress and one thing I learned while mourning my niece, is that I ought to acknowledge what I was articulating unintentionally dimmed by grief as a blanket address of a issue which represents fractions, not the whole. 

I don’t hate anyone, not even the people who stood by the sidelines mocking my niece as she walked towards her death.

  Or the ones attempting to do the same to me while I was mourning her passing.

I was and will be writing about cretins, criminals and criminal acts in progress and if anyone reading feel smithed by it, my assumption would lead me to think they belong to the aforementioned groups.

To my South/West Asian crew who happen to stumble upon this, I love you.

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The locusts have a new King

This morning brought a message to look up the Halloween theme by the WK clan and so I did.

It depicts Kanye in a bug getup with wife Kim as emerging larvae albeit the most glamorous kind I’m yet to see. The offsprings continues the concept in various progressions.

What a strange choice for a costume you might think or perhaps you catch it instantly even though most sources reporting on it appears completely oblivious to one interpretation in particular.


Vaya Con Dios peeps.

I mean that quite literally.