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No Solids

I recently went in for a MRI and when I walk in to the room I hear music in the background.
They’re househeads I conclude as I feel a dark minimal theme unfolding.
The nurse mentioned even though I was going to have to lay still for almost 2 hrs inside a giant steel machine, I would be sedated and have music to distract from the claustrophobia.

The sedative must have started working as the tech just stares at me when I ask, ‘Who’s playing?’
Maybe he didn’t hear me, I try again, ‘Anyone local?’ ‘Sounds like Striz to me’.

Tech looks dumbfounded and I’m not sure if I actually said anything or if I’m off in the corner mumbling to myself, it happens sometimes, especially while wrangling with a sentence or moving along a plot line.

Both techs stop what they are doing and look my way with attention,
“- Say what? “
‘- Is it Striz?’ I ask.
The man begins, “- I’m sorry.. I don’t understand..?? “..Are you feeling the sedative?”

I don’t ordinarily take medications of any kind
and oh yea, I’m feeling the sedative, the room is low lit, warm and kinda cozy, almost like a High Street bar, only, medical apparatus under the spotlights instead of top shelf liquor.
My feet feel round and I have a tipsy like feeling.

I clear my throat, ‘-Who’s playing?’
Tech straightens up and says after a moments hesitation,

“-Who’s playing what?”

I feel fluffy and my arm is all loose attempting to brush hair out of my face.
I try again, ‘ -What music are you playing?’
Long silence

Both techs stop what they are doing and look my way before exchanging glances and begin laughing.

“- It’s the machine” the tech quips.

More silence while I attempt to compute.

One of them puts down the blankets and strides towards me,
“- Let me assist you, I think the sedative has taken over.”

My turn to be confused,
‘What machine?’ I say.
I’m barely aware of the massive contraption towering over us, situated squarely in the middle of the room looking like a portal to another dimension.

Both techs fold over laughing while I’m standing with the posture of a sack of potatoes glaring between the two.

I’m somewhat distracted by the volume, I’m momentarily oblivious to the pain, the beat is good and I’m feeling it, not really sure what he’s referring to but maybe he means the stereo.
I’m laid down and strapped in, watching in a daze these two’s merriment while setting me up.
Slowly trough the fog the tech explains between giggles, it’s the MRI machine procuring what I think is the beginnings of something righteous.

I’m rolled inside the giant lung tuning out to the bpm’s of industrial grade shutter sounds layering between the thumping and the swoosh, totally feeling the groove.

My adoration of Tyres is undying,
( although Simon was my first love, my best love ).