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Last year brought a young Rotweiler puppy past my patch, the owner, 25 had bought the pup from a breeder in California and I knew the moment I looked at him he was bred with AKC standard and exhibited a lot of promise.

I have a past in showing and competing with dogs and I loved what I saw.
Strong cross, good bite, impeccable shoulders, barrel chested with muscles roiling under a lustrous coat, intelligent eyes, stunning movement and a bouldering general impression.
Gorgeous dog.
Calm, steadfast temper.

25 loved his pup, walked him for hours every day, making sure to stop and talk every time he saw me.

I encouraged him to order a 9ft leash and he came up with a red harness himself.
Which was adorable but completely inappropriate on a 140 lb un altered teenage muscle bully male with the head the size of a sidetable.

A couple weeks ago 25 told me he signed up for obedience training with the AKC, the very first step on the path to qualify to compete for championship and I was so touched.

I didn’t say anything obviously but I saw the dog offering a path out of the hood and away from the affiliations.

I found out yesterday he went to join the protests downtown, got in to some tussle and was shot and killed on Friday.

I’m just heartbroken for the dog.

My heart crumbles thinking of the gang dogs locked up in unheated garages for life, kicked around dog fighting rings or used as bait dogs.

Watching tonights car chase I can’t help but wonder, was dude involved in murdering my neighbor?

47 people were murdered in Chicago last week, not sure how many , if not all were related to the civil unrest.

Tomorrow I’m bringing his enduring grand mother a rose to plant and I am hopeful to hear the dog stays in the family.

Rest in peace my dude.

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Jefferson Park Looting

How come the areas between Wkr Prk and J-son Prk, Avondale, Hermosa or Logan, nor Ukie village or Humboldt, didn’t get hit ?


Literally my entire block is loaded and cocked.

Early evening yesterday brought a few cars attempting to stir things up and they rolled out as soon as they looked around and saw ticked off true thugs hanging out on grandma’s stoop.

It’s so quiet here I heard a rabbit burp two blocks away yet everyone is around.

Pray for this to end peacefully.

Violence is never the answer.

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Pacta Sunt Servanda

Malcolm X said there’s nothing more dangerous than a white liberal.

Reuters reports Biden’s campaign staff donating to the group bailing out the looters in Minnesota.

One does not show up for a protest and happen to grab a tv on the way.
These are criminals highjacking a just cause to steal and impose violence.

Courtesy of your local Marxist

Anyone recall Jakobs public statement after Georges passing ?

His preemptive to save his career.

Now I think he is the match that lit Minneapolis with his verbose language when he was in actuality talking about his own, his very very own employee.

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Look out for the rebound

Sweden has the highest death rate in the world per 100,000 , higher than the U.S. eventhough there’s barely 10 million inhabitants.

They are also declining to provide oxygen to our seniors when they arrive at the hospital, this is not medical care as much as it is eugenics.

Norway with their exceptionally low numbers?

Gonna shoot up when shelter in place ends.

I haven’t commented on this because I’m overwhelmed with information and I dont know what is accurate at this time.

Not to mention, I’m balls deep in the gardening rabbit hole.

Happy Memorial Weekend, honor those who fought for your freedom, we will overcome this too.

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Snopes is a far left website who spent the better part of a year to scrub out the online coverage of the divorce of the original creators and the tactics used to “disprove” news.

They are not infrequently called out for omitting factual events and slanting messages.

I equate Snopes with CNN.

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The More You Know

This is a reposting worth your attention.



Adam Schiff’s sister is married to George Soros son

Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea is married to George Soros nephew

John Kerry’s daughter is married to mullahs son in Iran

ABC News Executive Producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice , Obama’s former National Security Advisor

California Govenor Gavin Newsome is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew

CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes , Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications

ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan Obama’s former Deputy Press Secretary

ABC Ben Sherwood is the brother of Elizabeth Sherwood, Obama’s former Special Advisor

CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to Tom Nides, former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary.

This is what you called a stacked deck,  if you had a hunch the news system was somewhat rigged and you couldn’t put your finger on it, this might help solve the puzzle.
Same incestuous relationship holds true for NBC/MSNBC and most media outlets.

Brings a new perspective on 45’s insistence of bringing family in to the White House.