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I have a new room mate , she’s lovely, studying to become a M.D and is named Alexandra.

The other day at work a woman approach me and while we talk I notice she has the palest blue eyes I ever seen, with the dark ring of the North, at one point she takes a step back and removes her face mask and show me she is completely toothless.

Her husband and young child is with her and she says she will celebrate when she gets her new teeth.

I can’t make this shit up.

God is having a lark with it.

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Les Vikings

I grew up on Huskvarna, chainsaws and motorbikes, sewing machines and lawnmovers.

Some of my fondest memories of being 11 involves stranded on a trail 10 miles home with a busted spark plug and a bike three times the size of me surrounded by the sounds of the nordic summer.

How many times did I walk that bike back home only to split as soon as it was sparking?

Huskvarna, like Volvo are machines one can build and rebuild infinitum.

I seen frankenstenian refashioning and patch up cars with lawn mover parts and vice versa.

Issa tractor with torque!