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Unaccompanied Minor Scandal

The strike arranged by the left for the benefit of the Afghan men posing as underage children taking place on Medborgarplatsen literally “Citizens Square” on Sodermalm in Stockholm is ongoing and growing with all the children depicted as of the last week, placed there by co conspirators joining the party, a little bit late as the participants already been well documented.

Here are some pictures captured last week when the debacle took off,

take a long look because in these picures lies the truth of the criminal encroachment of the established governement.

How many children under 16 do you see in the picture?

How many of them are Afghan GIRLS?


These “young men” are prominently featured on state run television where they during interviews freely, proudly share their defiance against the Swedish law by admitting to ignoring the orders to leave Sweden.

Criminals by lying about their age, lying about their asylum status since this is in actuality economic migration, and least but not last, violating the Swedish sense of law and order.


This will be broken up in several segments as  just don’t have the savvy nor the technology to do this in any other way.

trust me, this is the gift that keeps giving, especially the commie Barbie Rossanna the butt hurt.

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We have our first Nordic Honor stoning. 10 year old girl.

I Been dragging my ass getting back to this, ya’all didnt think I was gone did ya?

I got my hands full dealing with life, this blog is like a unwanted foster child.

Reposted for english viewing.

Ung flicka utsatt för stenkastning


Thats it people, I still dont want to submerge and taint my soul with the filth seeping out of Svea.

Learn some goddamned Swedish.


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The disarray and The Trickle down.

I’m back, hopefully with more time and energy to devote to this.

Vacation beckons and I intend to power up for the marathon to the elections in 2018.

EU is making moves to penalize the countries who refuse to open their borders to the invasion of economic migration. Poland solemnly claims to accept the fines and Hungary seems to be flipping the finger towards Brussels general direction.

In Sweden the “unaccomponied minor” scam is promising to rip wide open after being allowed to fester under the skin like a rotting boil.

The stench when it does, promise to carry well beyond Swedish borders.

The trickle down effect of this onslaught of false minors noone took in to account are the grown men who attends elementary school.with our true children.

The less insidious yet all.rge same foul implication is 18 to 37 year old men competing against 11 year old Carl in track and field.

Hovewer, there won’t be hand holding for Karin but a group rape in the lunch room bathroom and lest not forget what this is going to do to national health.

What happens when the bus driver refuse to eat all day because you know, RAMADAN. ?


How about this, all these people are getting Admittandence to our universities without having the qualifications because you know,

Uh…”refugee” status. Pity them

Expect our national average to decline in direct relation to our growing foreign born “swedes” you know, those who fight us for flying out flag, force us to retract our civil rights to our minorities and LGBT community.

And is raping and murdering while schreeching like a victim.