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AYE ALDES AKA AYE HALSSANI, the twenty three year old public relations student bragged on her facebook page before her interview with SAS about her planned coup.

Since hijabs are not in accordance with the Scandinavian Airlines dresscode for agents interacting with the public, she was turned away, kudos to you SAS, I would NOT FLY with anyone sporting genderoppressive garments in such obvious conflict with the Scandinavian cultures and values. Aye, product of  fourteen hundred years of literally no progression but plenty of inbreeding, had planned on suing the venerable Swedish airline for discrimination. She blew it by boasting about it on social media, probably much due to afore mentioned inbreeding. Duh.

Now she is suing and filing police reports to the left and right, claiming she is being harassed.  Dope don’t get the Swedish spirit one bit, does she?


The fraud, the harlot in a hijab is a member of the newly made Swedes, oh say roughly six hundred thousand muslims, not all by far but many, TOO many who are harrasssing their new home country with their corrupted value system and criminal inclination economic opportunists and criminals entering falsely as “REFUGEES”.

Since Aye so clearly displayed scheming and intent, I will start lobbying for her exctradiction from the Swedish educational system she not only is receiving a world class degree from, but also is PAID BY THE STATE TO ATTEND. She used her education to commit fraud. This  qualify for immediate expulsion.

There are going to be consequences for our new Swedes from now on, legal consequences for acting on such treasonous inclinations.

AYE, this is me talking to you gurl.  You can’t honor Svea by assimilating within our culture ?  


Time to go.



Take  that fine degree back to your ancestral homeland and live and thrive amongst the people of the same ideology as you.

Rightey oh you, harlot in a hijab, don’t actually wear the hijab in real life, you only wear it to use our democracy to rape us.

Well, I am very pleased to announce, there are several petitions circulation seeking to eject the cancer that is you from the shrine of western civilization.

The law will take care of your criminal ass.

Know that it us, the women who embraced your strangeness,, who said come here, you will be free with us, we will protect your sentient being, us, who you betrayed, it is us WHO HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR CRIMINAL MIND.


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Good Morning America

Yes, I am still here, yet to replace the busted up keyboard and somehow even less time than before with my ailing clients changing needs.

So what am I devoting my only day off in nearly three weeks?


hmm, lets see, what has the news fromSweden brought to my otherwise, sunny and pleasant sping?

Well, theres the criminal conduct of Stefan Lofven, the communist Scrooge and his sitting cabinet of angry bitches, honoring them by calling them feminist is a no go I decided, I am not to let these communist barbies corrupt the values inherent with being a feminist.

nowhere in this book is feminist equated with white genocide NOR hatred against men.

so lets call them what they are from now on : Communist Barbies.

There will be a page with acronyms and who’s who coming up in the near future, when the class is full of clowns….

Or should I bring to light what no other reputable news outlet will report on?

The fact that the biggest mosque in Scandinavia was quietly opened in Sweden the other day?

Or the mere fact its a mosque for mainly Salaafist muslims?


Um, Maybe talk about the con artist trying to sue Scandinavian Airlines for discrimination for not letting her wear a hijab at work?

Said con woman gets hung out on internet like the criminal she is, the hijab merely a con to get fast cash.

Or, is it the problematic connection with radical islam and RASHID  MUSA we ought to adress?

We have the human slime Gudrun Schyman, old communist stodgy with her bobble head Victoria Kawesa, the racist studies  girl with the dead eyes emulating American civil rights issues on Swedish land, although she is from Uganada and never lived stateside.

Wanna hear about TAQYIA?

The evils of halal meat?  Really, google this bit, my animal loving heart can only endure so much. But promise me this, do not support establishements selling anything “HALAL”, take your money elsewhere. Its is your constitutional right to refuse religious fanatism in your daily life.

by all means, anyone throwing racist accusation at you for merely having a dissenting opinion. File a police report , it IS hatecrime.


So much to say, so very little time, bear with me viewers, this is a endeavor much distasteful and although my inclination is to apply humor, this is a tall order considering there is none to be found.

Sweden is dying.