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Swedish Police.

This is pitiful. SHOOT HIM> IN THE HEAD.

Chicago Cops are laughing at you.


Swedish officers relying on a civilian.

Nai-post ni Kerstin Kristiansen noong Linggo, Abril 2, 2017

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Swedish UN Officer Zaida Catalan’s Raped, Beheaded and Burnt Body Found.



Zaida Catalan, prominent member of the angry feminist movement, a Swedish politician and UN officer, kidnapped and reported missing March 12 with Michael Sharp fellow UN officer, and translator Betu Tshintela in the Kauai region during a UN mission in DRC, while investigating suspicions of war crimes committed by Kongolese soldiers and overseeing sanctions imposed on the regime.
Authorities in Kongo-Kinshasa report Catalan was abducted while in transit.
The area is plagued with civil unrest since local milita leader Kawina Nsapu, opponent of President Joseph Kabila was killed by security forces.The region is known for small scale diamond mining slavelabor and milita violence. While traveling by moped taxi, thats her on the pic above, she was stopped on a bridge and abducted.

What was she doing traveling around  all ‘down with the people’, Bright and shiny cockeyed Swede reeking of privilege and entitlement,  not only in a third world nation in the midst of civil war, but one of the top five most dangerous places in the world to be a woman.

Why Was Zaida, traveling without UN security?

Their bodies discovered the other day in a shallow grave and Zaida, the only woman, had been decapitated.
We all know what kind of fate she faced at the hands of of this region, it was not kind to her.
I’d venture to say she was passed around well in to a comatose state and to the point where death provided the only means to escape.

Two weeks is a lifetime to endure, you betcha she completely lost her mind in the process of her deconstruction as a human being at the hands of the people she wanted to save.

Cutting her head off ( a substitute and more enduring way of pissing on her spent and broken body ) is the ultimate diss by the swine who hopefully, is hunted down for their obvious abscence of a soul, one way or another will meet with a violent death themselves, I am certain, ( unless the Swedish government get to airdrop resident permits) I will not mourn their passing but rather appreciate the air space opened up on this increasingly crowded globe.

Lest not ever forget that women now are being decapitated  to spit at our men and as a attempt to scare us of the more ‘tender gender’ in to blind panic.
Cutting women’s heads off after dismantling the very core of their beings by sexual violence is in fact, Lady Liberty assaulted and decapitated.

It’s warfare.

In respect of Zaida’s demise, the very likely manner leading to her death,

I will not elaborate too much on what I think of her going off on a mission like that or what I think of the UN giving the orders.

However, it does not add up.