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Swedish Feminist Government

Swedish Feminist Government,

So while elevated western women like Michelle Obama, HRH Queen of Denmark and France’s Marie Le pen is leading the charge on taking a stand by refusing to wear a headscarf in support of women oppressed by religion. The elected women of the Swedish socialist and first feminist government chose to arrive for negotiations with Iran in hijabs.

This not only offends the moderate Swede, it offends Hillel Neuer, the executive director of U.N Watch, a human rights group and a staunch critic of Iran and the regime imposed on its people and even more so their women.

It gets worse, the ladies decide to jump the collective high horse and mock Trump without a shred of self awareness in a picture that backfires in epic proportions and because of it, Sweden is derided by the international community.

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Swedish Wheel chair rape victim

One of victims of the upsurge of sex crimes in Sweden last year was a paraplegic woman in Visby, Gotland  ( October 2, 2016 ), who was assaulted after using the bathroom at a refugee center and held captive by 6 immigrants living at the location.
Her wheelchair was taken away from her and she was held as a sex slave.
Swedish prosecution chose not to pursue the case at it was deemed not robust enough to hold up in court.
The rationale being she, the paraplegic did not defend  herself against the six, 6 assailants with enough vigor.


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Swedish Feminist Government.



I want to take a moment to address the embarrassment of riches that is the Swedish “Feminist” movement.

How deeply and sincerely I take offense to the  government elects  of my old home land pandering to an oppressive regime.
How very ignorant, embarrassing, pathetically over reaching, treasonous and borderline criminal to bow to a dogma so very openly hostile to the civil rights of not only, women, but also other minorities.

The women of Saudi Arabia is literally fighting the fight of the century, the world is watching and  the deranged female public office elects of Sweden determines it’s a sensible idea to sport a item infamous for oppression of women world wide.

Immigrant Swedish women testify how they sought shelter with us to escape oppression and violence in their native countries.

How the refugee centers in Sweden is even more dangerous living completely without the chaperones of their old home, surrounded by men with a view of women that predates the dark ages.
Women who testify not wearing a veil, or cover their hair is a statement they are ‘Up for grabs’.

Our gay community is risking  being bashed to death for their right to live a life with love.
Our Jews having their synagogues defaced by delinquents hellbent on avenging their brethren.

On Nordic lands.

The political correctness affecting my people like the bubonic plague.
It’s a dead model forced along the last 30 years like a political ‘Weekend with Bernie” that never ends.

The feminists in this instance has sold out my values, what I stand for, what my country stands for, and what my brothers and sisters stand for.
They have without a doubt sold out the women we swore to protect, the immigrants we promised a life of dignity and safety.

Sweden is ranked the leader of the world in equal pay between the genders, we have more women in parliamentary seats than any other nation outside Scandinavia.

We even refer to our country as a female, her name is Svea.

So when the sexcrimes continusly climbs and relates to the mostly unvetted, immigration, a fact unassailable to the common man yet continually repressed by the government at the expense of the safety of the general population…
So when new Swedes and natives alike risk persecution for expressing a view contrary to party line or merely pointing at ‘cause and effect’ at play…

It’s patriotic to dissent.

Swedish Feminist Government, I want answers from YOU.